Meet Deb

Welcome to my site! I am so excited to share some of my favorite recipes, menus, and anecdotes from life at the cabin.

I was not always an outdoorsy person. I was born and raised in N.J. where I lived in apartments. Not that that is a bad thing (great for Halloween and Snow Days). But, much different from the woods where we currently reside.

My first job was at V & J Pizza in Wayne, N.J., I was 14 years old. (this was before they had serious child labor laws) I was in charge of making sandwiches and salads and taking orders. Being a girl, I was never allowed to make the pizzas. An injustice that still irks me today. I went on to run the concessions at a roller rink before going on a field trip with my Home Ec class to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. The spark was lit and I was on my way….

I graduated from the CIA after an Externship in New Orleans and moved to Phoenix, AZ. In the years that followed, I have had a career in food service focusing on Baking and Pastries, raised 3 kids, and taught the Culinary Arts to students of all ages.

In June of 2018, we left the desert for the mountains of Prescott, AZ. AKA, the Cabin. You will notice that my recipes are down to earth and approachable. That is on purpose! Food is for everyone and I don’t see the need to frou frou it all up!

Deb Snyder, CSCE, CPC

Chef Deb holds the following certifications:
Servsafe Mgr., Rouxbe Professional Chef Plant Based Certification, American Culinary Federation (CSCE, CPC)

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