Now we’re talking!The galley kitchen is gone and the new kitchen is really taking shape. The kitchen space has more than doubled! New cabinets have been put in, quartz countertops, new stainless appliances and a moveable kitchen island are also in place.
Previously, the kitchen sink faced a wall. As if washing dishes wasn’t tedious enough, facing the wall made it feel even more like a “time out” 🙂   With Jeff’s newly designed kitchen, I now have a view of the outside of our deck and driveway, complete with lots of trees. Since the new “view”, I am lucky enough to have a view of the Nature Show going on outside.While washing dishes, I have seen all kinds of birds, javelinas, coyotes, deer, and the family cat from a few doors down that is becoming way too comfortable at our house. On the plus side, we have not seen any mice lately!
Before we moved into the cabin, we researched A Frame Cabin kitchens and décor extensively. There really was not a lot out there, lots of pretty pictures but, nothing really transferrable to the space we have or would have after we tore out the old kitchen. As I’ve said before, my husband is both handsome and handy so he made his own plans. As in all projects, some things don’t go according to plan. This was the case with our kitchen sink. We picked out a beautiful deep sink and faucet to put in our remodel. Unfortunately, what we didn’t realize is that with an A frame wall, there is not enough room for the faucet. Oops! Really it was more like  $!*!*!. So, our plan B for the sink was to put the faucet at the side of the sink instead of the back. Guess what, now it is a custom sink!  It actually looks pretty cool and functions really well. I love cooking in my new kitchen! Thanks Jeff! XO